Our Story


An instant tummy reducer which took Kerala market by storm & transformed itself into a household name without any gender bias nor age bias. In-shape raised to a status where each household had at-least One TV, One Fridge & One In-shape. We are proud to say that our advertising paved the way for the status.


Strategy Development

Our company took up the initiative to revive the existing theme of the product by amending its cosmetic wedge other than the 'back pain reducer' version. The significant factor that boosted the segment was the powerful two-way communication maintained & balanced between their marketing team and our advertising experts. It further paved ways to get fast responses at times. Our promotional activities extended to textile shops and other huge markets including malls, as a part of this strategy development. Now, In-shape has become a widely accepted 'term' for the entire 'belt series' that perform 'shape-fitness' and this itself is the result orientation of the product, what we call as ROI (Result Oriented Intelligence).


Media planning

Media planning is an indispensable part that exceptionally raises the values and momentum of the Client product to reach the target audience, thereby promoting them nationwide and far across nations. In-shape was wrapped tightly in BMI's mantle and under the leadership of the maestro, our CEO, Mr. Gopinath Menon, the product got boosted and well-appreciated.

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